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Thread: SAP2000 - How to connect a beam with a shear wall???

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    SAP2000 - How to connect a beam with a shear wall???

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to model a five storey Reinforced concrete structure. The structure is mostly supported by shear walls interconnected with RC beams and a solid slab. What i am trying to achieve right now is to make the sap2000 model as accurate as possible.

    What i mean is that when i create a shear wall of 1.5 meters width the insertion point is in the middles of the wall which is not the case with the real structure so i moved the insertion point of the wall to achieve the same position as the one of the real structure.

    Then i repeat the same with the beams so that the top of the beam is in the middle of the slab and at the top of the columns therefore achieving a composite behaviour.

    Next step is the End (offset)length for beams. I have a 1.5 meter long shear wall connected with a beam 4 meters long which in reality is 2.5meters long therefore i offset the beam 1.5 meters to achieve this. Now the problem is that when i run the analysis and check the deformation of the structure the beam is not actually connected into the shear wall and the wall and beam deform independently.

    How can i set the connection of the beam at the start of the shear wall and not at the insertion point? please see the picture below to understand what i mean.

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