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Thread: engines aggragated technical data

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    engines aggragated technical data

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to make a presentation concerning up to date internal combustion engines for different applications (light duty/passenger cars, heavy duty, marine/low rpm, aviation etc). I don't need any charts just sheer numbers of power, capacity, weight, engine dimensions, consumption(lt/h)/BSFC(g/kW). I tried to google them, but apart from the fact that the data I found were incomplete (e.g. I couldn't find engine weight and dimensions for passenger cars), it is also impossible to check every engine one by one (light duty applications alone may consist of hundreds of engines). So, I would be really grateful if someone could provide me with any source of information (books, technical papers, data bases etc.) that would have all these technical data aggregated (e.g. in the form of tables). Thank you in advance!

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    I doubt anybody has aggregated the data and published it on the internet. You're just going to have to research, email, search and get to work.

    Good luck!

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