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Thread: Portable ski grinder - Angle control

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    Portable ski grinder - Angle control


    I'm currently working on a school project in which I have to design a portable ski sharpening device. The product will consist of three main parts : The base part which will be in contact with the ski, a sliding part with a spring which will apply a constant pressure on the edge of the ski and a top part which will hold the motor and grinding wheel (See drawing).

    The top part must also be adjustable so it can grind a different angles (from 90 et 85 degrees with a 0.1 increment) and I can't figure out a simple way to do so. Does anyone have a mechanism idea or any standard part that could adjust the angle by increment?

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    If you don't care about weight, a sine plate will do what you want, very accurately.


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    Actually the design task is nothing more than adapting an existing ski sharpening device to operate on a portable platform. Frame and wheels?

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