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Thread: can u please help me Bike Break-in

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    can u please help me Bike Break-in

    Can you please tell me what will happen if I drive my brand new bike in a high speed before the bike's km is 1000
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    1000 km = 621 miles.

    Not sure what you are asking? What do you mean by "high speed"?

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    If you are talking about recommended break-in procedures from the factory, you should know they have a reason for doing that, and its not just to limit your fun. Brand new machines, any machines, will experience their greatest wear in the first few hours of operation. That's when things like microscopic burrs and imperfections get worn away. That's when mating parts like gears and bearings develop wear patterns, like paths in a forest. You don't want all this wear to be happening when the machine is also developing its maximum rated output. That just leads to premature failure and a shorter overall operational life. The factory wants you to enjoy their product for a long time.

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