Hi all, I am designing a piping run in which all of the piping is to be schd 40s, 304/L dual material, 150 lb Raised face weld neck flanges with schd 40s bores, except for 1 bastardized flange that is supposed to be a DIN 2633 size 100 PN 16 raised face weld neck.

I don't get the chance to deal with the din standard too often, but the piping run has an elbow then the din flange butt welded right to the elbow. Typically we get our elbows pre chamfered and ready to weld from the vendor, looking at the din flange and the elbow fit shows that the flange has a much bigger bore than the elbow.

In the ASME world, I can get a 150lb flange with a schd 10, 40, 80, etc bore. I can't find a din flange sec that shows this kind of arrangement. Is there such a thing. I need the flange wall to be thicker, but the flange bolting, to remain the same.

Thank you in advance for any information.