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Thread: Tandem Axle Trailer Loading

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    Tandem Axle Trailer Loading

    I'm setting up a tandem axle trailer with a bunch of equipment and have somewhat of a stupid question. I've been doing the calculations for the tongue weight so I can position the equipment (there are 6 pieces of equipment that total about 10k lbs) and not overload the tongue and have made the assumption that the two axles will have an equal load. Does that seam reasonable? I figured it was reasonable because the springs on the two axles should balance each other out or am I completely nuts?

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    As long as the trailer is maintained horizontal by the tongue connection the load on both axles should be the same.

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    Another way to assure that the axles share the load is to use a walking beam mount between two inner facing leaf spring perches. This compensates for the trailer's off horizontal angle.


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