Hello All,

Im trying to determine what size of angle iron I should use to build a platform.This platform will be above my pickup truck bed/cab.The forward end of the platform will be cantilevered (unsupported) over the cab of the truck about 2 feet.There will be 2 carbon steel angle iron rails, 1 on each side, supporting this cantilevered portion of the platform.I would like to be able to support a (worst case) 600 lbs static load at this forward end.The platform will be built just above the truck cab so I would say of downward bending would be the max I would want with the 600 lbs on the end of it.

I realize i could just use whatever angle iron I think would hold the weight and that would probably be fine, but i also want it as light as possible and am unable to figure this out on my own.Hopefully someone here can help.Thanks