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Thread: Back yard jet engine?

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    Back yard jet engine?

    This is more of a thought experiment then an actual project although I wouldn't mind trying it if it actually works. my thought process being to take a leaf blower motor use it as an intake and use pvc piping tapering to a small outlet. drilling holes radially around the outside and placing little nozzles in them. Connected to a reservoir of fuel. and put either some copper wire on the inside or an electric grill igniter to light it off. I could in theory adjust fan speed and fuel pumps to find a proper fuel air mix right?

    Thoughts comments concerns ideas?

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    Not exactly sure what you're thinking but here is a video that illustrates how a gas turbine (Jet Engine) works.

    How Jet Engines Work Turbofan Animation Video
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    A backyard force fed RAM jet. Anything downstream of the flame will get real hot. Hot enough to melt PVC in short order. Typically the hot section is a high temp stainless like Inconel, even carbon steel will soften.


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    Timelord is correct.
    You will melt the PVC quickly.

    But you have not described a jet engine.
    One definition of an engine is: a machine for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy or power to
    produce force and motion.
    You have described a very hot blow dryer.
    A device that will blow very hot air out of a chunk of PVC.

    A jet engine would take the developed energy and turn the low pressure fan (the "leaf blower" fan,in your case), feeding itself.
    Your contraption would quickly spool down if you remove the leaf blower.
    And then it would burn to a black sooty mess.

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