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Thread: manufacturing methods for precision small hole making

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    manufacturing methods for precision small hole making

    I am designing a fixture for my QC department that requires precise holes that can be very accurately duplicated. The holes are between 1/8"-5/16" dia. and 3/4" deep with +/- 0.0002" on the diameter. They are currently through holes but there is no design constraint of whether they need to be through or blind. I've been looking at small hole EDM and honing, but am not sure if either of those will work well for the hole size I'm interested in. Is there another method for precision hole making or would one of those work? Its very important for the process to accurately duplicate the hole. There will be two of these fixtures built and the holes need to yield the same result. The hole is used during the QC test and the results are dependent on it.

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    There are precision machines and tooling that can drill and then ream a hole to +/- 0.0002". You may need to outsource this operation - search the internet for "Precision Hole Drilling and Reaming".
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