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Thread: Compromised 10" joists with 6" plumbing holes braced instead of sistered?

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    Compromised 10" joists with 6" plumbing holes braced instead of sistered?

    We are in the process of a remodel and the guy doing the work has proposed the solution in the pictures attached. He did not raise the joists to eliminate the sag. Basically bracing the joists to each other but not sistering anything. It may be hard to see from the pictures but there are three joists with holds cut through them. The one closest to the wall and the next two over. The length of the joists is 12 feet.
    The floor above the ceiling that is being supported by these joists is a tiled bathroom floor and toilet.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't see the advantage of adding extra noggins. They only help in the distribution of any lateral loads or sway and help to prevent the joists from cupping.

    An easier solution would have been to put a plywood gusset to the area of the hole.

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    You might consider temporarily disconnecting the end of the lateral straps near the holes and bolting a 1/4 X 2 steel bar reinforcing strap below each hole along the bottom edge of each joist with multiple lag screws. I would suggest that each strap should extend at least one foot beyond the hole on each side to give room for multiple lag screws without placing any screws directly in the weaken section of the joist. This will not improve the joist sag but it will reinforce the bottom of each joist where the maximum tensile stress exists.

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