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    Hi i was hoping i could get some advise i have an interview in a couple of days for a mechanical trainee technician has anybody got any ideas on the type of questions that could be asked and its also a practical based interview was hoping if anybody could advise me on the type of practical excercise i could encounter im very stressed its been a while since i had interview want to try my best so any help would be appriciated thankyou

    kind regards shak

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    You haven't really given us a lot of information to go on. You will be asked about your background and experience. Be prepared to discuss it in detail, especially any of the quantifiable good results of that work. The practical exercise will probably be related to their business, which you did not share with us. You may be asked to read the details of a drawing, and maybe make some judgments.

    One thing for sure - if they ask you to write something on the computer and you write it like you did your posting here, forget that job and look somewhere else. You will NOT get it. Really. Move on.

    Was that harsh? Rude? I hope so! I'm trying to get your attention for your own good. If I were your interviewer and you communicated with me like that I wouldn't even bother to finish reading your message. "Next!" Wonder why?

    Let this soak in: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IS NOT TEXTING. Little things like sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, spelling all mean something. They mean you respect your reader and you expect them to respect you. Learn them. Use them. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Simple things like this will help you stand out from your peers. Good luck to you. Really.

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