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Thread: Two structural beams I have to be brutally...stiff

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    Bang Head Two structural beams I have to be brutally...stiff

    or honest.

    I have no clue what I'm doing but this is the scenario:

    I have to buy a 4.2 meters long steel tube. Two structural beams will hold it in place so yours truly can dangle monkey style on an aerial hoop.
    My weight (+hoop) will be equally shared by 2 chains placed at about 2m and 3.5m (due to lack of space on one side).

    Anyone can give advice regarding type of steel best suited for such a job and what specs I should be looking for since static weight will be about 55Kg and dynamic weight (I suppose) may impact the steel eventually?

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!
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    What is this for?
    And, a quick sketch of what you are thinking would be helpful...

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