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Thread: a motor issue

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    Rolleyes a motor issue


    Iím new to this forum so I will be grateful for any your advice.
    Well, it is time to change the motor and I want to find something not very expensive, but that will work properly.
    I consider buying something from these manufacturers: leeson, baldor and WEG
    Single HP
    1725 or 1800 RPM
    Three Phase
    TEFC preferred
    56C frame size

    Is just one of the brand names desired regarding a smaller motor? Did anybody have problems with these motors?

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    It seems like I will choose this one, but Iím not 100% sure yet.
    Iím not familiar with this supplier, but I will risk..

    Baldor VM3546 1HP 1725RPM 3PH 60HZ 56C 3426M TEFC F1

    I had consultation with my local distributor but they quoted me much more.
    Also I found the WEG model, it is much cheaper and people say that they better deal with the humidity.

    Guys, who used any of these motors? Oh, by the way, need it for the industrial fans.

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