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Thread: Cut Angle Tolerance

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    Cut Angle Tolerance

    We are cutting a "roll-pin" for a customer to a specified angle (45 degrees +/- 3 degrees). The print itself doesn't call out anything related to surface finish, flatness, straightness, etc. My question is - with only the angle called out, are we technically to print if the cut itself isn't exactly straight as long as it falls within the specified tolerance of +/- 3 degrees?

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    Discuss the issue with your customer to insure that you are meeting their requirements (both the stated and the required).

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    Ditto. This forum isn't paying you to make the part. Your customer is. He will appreciate your desire to make sure the part works for him. He will not appreciate your getting into a pi__ing match with him about what the print says versus what he really wants. And I'm sure he could not care less what some guys on an online forum had to say about it.

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    Certainly both the above answers are the best approach to this problem in the real world...

    Considering only the academic discussion though, you would absolutely be to print. For reference, look up Rule#1; It basically states that (using your example) the limits of your cut are defined as 42 deg and 48 deg. Any deformation within those limits is acceptable. If can be convex, concave, S shaped, perfectly flat, etc.

    Again... Check with your customer first. They may want to clarify their print for later use (if necessary); and if their not worried about their print, then you may want to make a note of it in your records if you need to make it again.

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