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Thread: Clamp force/tensile force due to torque consideration.

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    Clamp force/tensile force due to torque consideration.

    I have calculate the clamp force, which mean that the tensile force acting on bolt when it clamped 2 or more surface together. Since the value of tensile force calculated is significantly higher. so I can't ignore it.

    If a box fastened by bolts and the box experiencing forward/upward/downward acceleration on its c.g, does the reaction forces on y-axis of each bolt should be added or minus with the clamp/tensile force of the bolt?

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    All exetrnal forces that create bolt tension and shearing should be evaluated.

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    is that mean, when my bolt is subjected to tensile force due to external force(e.g: object is having upward/downward acceleration), i have to add/minus the Clamp force with the reaction force on bolt due to upward acceleration;

    Fc=clamp/tensile force due to tightening
    Ac=reaction force due to upward/downward acceleration of object

    Rc=Total reaction force acting in Y direction of the Bolt

    Rc= Ac +_ Fc

    is this correct?

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    thanks for the source

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