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Thread: Suitability of API 620/650 for low pressure tank at 316F

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    Suitability of API 620/650 for low pressure tank at 316F

    Is it acceptable practice to use API 620 code for the design of a storage tank with 5 psig design pressure and 316F design temperature? I know the code says it is only applicable for up to 250F, couldn't I use the max allowable stress values found in ASME VIII at the design temperature and plug these into the API 620 equations?

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    I'm no expert on API 620, so you are refering to 1.2.2:

    "The tanks described in this standard are designed for metal temperatures not greater than 250F and with pressures in their gas or vapor spaces not more than 15 lbf/in? gauge."

    and 5.2 "Operating Temperature"

    Yes, for the materials defined in the standard exceeding 250F is a bad idea. I think at around 300F your stress releiving the tank materials.

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