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Thread: type of support for this beam?

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    type of support for this beam?

    I have a beam secured by bolt (tighten) to the floor. the floor is assumed rigid. So which FBD is correct? (A), (B) or neither.

    the bolt is secured in vertical position. So the beam can't rotate.

    *note: I'm purposely not placing the reaction force, just need to make sure the type of support is correct first.

    this is not exam question. This is for application to find tension force for the bolt to withstand

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    Free body diagrams are excellent tools to visualize the overview of a loading scenario. But they cannot tell you what's going on at the micro level in the vicinity of connections, etc. My advice is to do enough analysis to determine which case places the greatest load on the component in question, and then go with that one. Worst case scenario.

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