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    Riveting Stuff

    Good morning/evening afternoon...

    This question might seem a little noobie to be posted hear but the only silly question is the one you don't ask...

    Currently working on a job that requires the use of an aluminium bodied, aluminium stem, self - plugging rivet (NAS1720H4-1A) to be precise.

    My understanding is that this type of rivet should install with a portion of the stem broken off flush inside the rivet body, thus adding to the sheer strength.

    Problem is, I keep managing to pull the stem right through the rivet body. The body is secure in the piece of work but hollow.

    Have installed using a hand riveter and a hydro-air gun with the same result...

    Any tips?



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    I would recommend checking to insure the hole(s) for the rivet are to specified size to prevent pull through of the stem bulb.

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