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Thread: Dimensioning to Virtual Intersections

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    Dimensioning to Virtual Intersections

    Noob question - I'm glad to be pointed to the correct resource that addresses these kinds of questions, not having a lot of luck finding it myself -

    On this shaft, as I am detailing distances and diameters, I'm using a lot of virtual intersections/sharps, but I'm curious how useful that is to a machinist? After all, I imagine he will run the tool along a smooth path, not hitting some of these intersections first, then smoothing later.

    I'm also a little lost with the R500 section. It blends into a straight edge. As a designer, I don't care where the radius center is, it just must blend into the edge (and connect to the aforementioned virtual intersection).
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    My suggestions:
    (1) Talk to a machinist. I'm sure his answer will depend on how he intends to make the part.
    (2) My personal preference is to use light weight phantom lines for tangent edges. Makes for MUCH clearer views in my opinion.

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