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Thread: Gear as spline?

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    Rolleyes Gear as spline?

    Hello engineers!

    I have to use an air motor which has shaft end with gear tooth (Pressure angle 20*, 2.5 module, 32mm dia and 11 teeth, 30mm length) for our gear box.

    Can I use this tooth profile as a spline connection? As I learnt, for splines the recommended pressure angles are 30*, 37.5* and 45*.

    Thanks and regards,
    Jnanesha KS

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    Mixing a spur gear with spline? Spline to spline, spur gear to spur gear don't mix.
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    Yes. You just need the corresponding internal gear, correct clearance and alignment.

    If you can transfer the air motor power through just one or two of the gear teeth individually why not through the set?

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