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Thread: PDF BOM to Excel

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    PDF BOM to Excel

    I know this is not a simple task to do, if even possible. At my location we receive PDF detail drawings with a BOM on one of these drawings. Usually we take this BOM, and hand-type a parts sheet into excel. An extremely laborious task, with the possibility of many errors. Sometimes I can convert the text to excel, do some sorting, column dividing, etc.. to get the text in a desirable form to make for less hand-typing.

    It is very desirable for me to be able to convert any PDF table to a spreadsheet. I don't really understand why it seems to be impossible (after so much internet searching), when the BOM is a clear table, it looks just like an excel file.

    We used to receive .xsr files, which were much easier, but project management decided to use other vendors for creating our drawings.

    If there is any more information you would like to know, feel free to ask.

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    Did you try searching the internet for "PDF to Excel Converter"?

    Lots of products...
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    Yes, I used one or two of these and they had problems. They would leave out characters, change characters, and put everything into one columns.

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