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Thread: looking for economical and very small water heating device...

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    looking for economical and very small water heating device...

    Hi. You will have to excuse my ignorance...

    Basically, i am looking for a water tank including immersion heater, thermostat etc.

    1. The tank only needs to approximately 1/8 of a gallon (approx 0.5 liters). So it is very small.
    2. The water needs to be warm (not hot). So i was thinking of using some kind of resistor to reduce the voltage of the immersion heater.

    I have searched google but i am unable to find anything that does what i need. Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can attain such a device? Would i need it make it myself? If so can someone give me some pointer about how i would go about doing this?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you reading my mind???? Just yesterday I was pondering something very similar. Our house has about 3' of crawl space and in the Winter the cold water pipes running under the house drop close to freezing. When we turn on the water to rinse something or a quick hand wash it is damned unpleasantly cold. I don't like to run the hot water for 2 minutes just to rinse my hands, so I suffer the cold water at near freezing. I'd like to say "we" suffer it, but my SO, ain't a willing partner in that.

    Yesterday I had some kind of epiphany and thought about water pipe heating tape. I use it on the well head pipes to stop them freezing but it occurred that I could use it also for warming the pipes locally. Just to warm the water to a tolerable level for hand washing. I am going to wrap the last 10' of pipes to the taps with tape.

    These kind of tapes are available in shorter lengths, but just to give you an idea...

    I'd have to modify the thermostat, in fact just bypass it so it is always on. I can unplug it during Summer.

    Wotcha thunk???

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    hmmm. that looks very interesting. My intentions were similar to yours, only with a type of bidet device. I did a quick bit of googling around and i saw this one as well which look like exactly what i am after. Ill look further into this. Thanks for the info

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    Yup, that looks good too. Actually better in that it is available in 3ft. It is 120v though, aren't you on 240 in good old Blighty?

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    I also noticed that they have a 240v version

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