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Thread: How to get away from dimensionally Inspecting assemblies

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    Confused How to get away from dimensionally Inspecting assemblies

    I couldn't find a similar thread so here it goes. I was challenged today by a production supervisor he asked me if there is anyway that we could get away from dimensionally inspecting an assembly that his value stream assembles.

    My response to him was "if the process capability and repeatability (Cp/Cpk) of a supplier I such hat I can be validated for X number of details then you can have faith that all of your builds will fall into tolerance.

    Does anyone know of any other way?

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    Let's backup a little...

    Why and what on the assembly is being dimensionally inspected in the first place?

    • Is there an mechanical adjustment?
    • Customer requirement?
    • Can the assembly be rejected by the customer for high probability out of conformance?
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    Refer to him the philosophies and processes developed by Dr. D.W. Deming. Sat thru 18 hours of video of his absolutely BORING voice. Ugh. But his statistical approach (SPC) is invaluable if applied correctly.

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