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Thread: Handling parts off of lasers sharing material towers.

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    Handling parts off of lasers sharing material towers.

    After a career as a Whitney plasma and laser operator, I was hired as an engineer at our newly acquired Georgia plant. 2nd week. Lol. Deep WCM background. Here is my dilemma. I am in charge of 6 lasers. Each two lasers share a material loader/tower. Currently the process is ONE operator runs all 6 lasers. (ugg) He occasionally has an assistant. As the finished sheets come out, they (the cut parts in the skeleton) are stacked up until they can go to shake out. There are 3 to 4 people who "shake-out" the nested parts. So, first in, first out is laughable.
    There's gotta be a better process. We acquired an existing company. Mom n Pop shop that has grown to $30mill a year. Scheduled for $100 mill in 2018. So, a lot of culture shock for them, as our parent company is worth over $3 billion.
    Can anyone who has had similar layouts offer any suggestions for a better process?
    Any help to this fledgling 48yr old new engineer is gratefully appreciated!!
    Thank you!

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    Shake out seems to be your bottle neck from the brief description (3-4 people required).

    There is a 'shake out operation in many foundries. The casting(s) is suspended and an air powered vibrator shakes the mould sand off the casting. Can you develop a sheet lifting device that does the vibrating?

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