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Thread: laser microphone

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    laser microphone

    i am trying to make a laser microphone as my project.for that i am using pulsed when the pulsed laser comes to the photodetector after being reflected, there will be a shift in the can you please help me to obtain those shifted part
    any help in related fields would be also appreciated .
    thanks in advance
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    Are you making a Laser mic or laser rangefinder?

    Since your pulses will be coming back phase modulated by time of flight I don't see where you'll be able to extract much audio information.

    You will want to use a PLL (phase locked loop) which if I recall will have a reference input and a signal input and will output a linear control voltage representing the phase error that you can amplify for your "audio" signal.

    Most people use a continuous laser, then pick up a reflected amplitude modulated signal using a telescope and photo transistor or similar. Then it's a straight audio amplification problem after that.


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