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Thread: Help with making a custom office chair for Music listening

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    Help with making a custom office chair for Music listening

    Hi all,

    I need help with ideas how to make an office style chair for music listening. Although simple & basic it has to have the following:

    - be height adjustable
    - what ever height it's set on it has to be ridged not like typical gas lift chairs as they have a bit of give which wont work for what I want as it dampens/destroys body movements.

    - a few inches back & forth movement
    -about an inch side to side movement
    - it has to be heavy duty, most office chairs will not hold up to this kind of abuse.
    -just the chair platform it self with no back support or arm support of any kind.
    -on wheels to move around easy.

    The closet I got to this was moding a basic office chair that was damaged, surprisingly after some welding it did almost everything, but the gas lift unit ruins it, as it absorbs body movements, and I know no way to lock it into position.

    Please help, thanks

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    Why is dampening a problem when you're listening to music?

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