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    Surface Profile

    I am fairly new on surface profile. Is there some type of calculator that can be used for results? I have a part that has 14 basic dimensions but there is only 1 profile callout. How would you be able to use all of the results to calculate one surface profile result?

    Right now I'm figuring 1 of 3 ways. I should use each one separately and record the worst case. Get the worse max and worse min to calculate a result, or should I get an average of all the results.

    Any way you can help me?

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    Is there some type of calculator that can be used for results?
    No.. Some CAD packages have capabilities..

    Note: The inside and outside tolerance boundaries can be simulated on CAD by creating a 2-D profile of the two pockets. Using what ever command you have that can offset the 2D profile to 1/2 the stated Profile of Surface to the outside and inside of the true 2D profile. These inside and outside representations would be you LMC and MMC tolerance boundaries.

    Most modern CMM's have the ability to import a CAD model and program the geometry to be used for dimensional verification.
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