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Thread: Izod to Charpy impact strength unit conversion

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    Izod to Charpy impact strength unit conversion

    I have Izod impact strength unit value (in J/m) of one material and Charpy impact strength value(in KJ/m2) of another one.
    Also this is the most important property behind the material selection.
    So can someone suggest me how to compare between those two units?


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    Quote Originally Posted by navneet.dhote View Post
    J/m and KJ/m2.
    So can someone suggest me how to compare between those two units?
    Someday, hopefully in the not too distant future, some whizzz will invent basic Maths and Algebra.

    Let's see, you have Joules and Meters and thousands of Joules and square Meters. Yup, a real toughy that one. Are you that lazy?

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    How to Convert Izod to Charpy
    Izod and Charpy are impact strength measurement tests that produce a value that represents the amount of force an individual material can withstand. Both tests are widely used and accepted in product literature. If you need to convert an Izod value to a Charpy value, you can do so with a standard conversion formula.
    Difficulty: Moderately Easy
    1 Obtain your Izod value.
    2.Multiply the Izod value by 2.738223.
    3 Record your new value. This is the Charpy value obtained by multiplying Izod by the Charpy constant.

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    There is no direct conversion from Izod to Charpy. The only thing we can say is that the Izods are normally a good bit higher than Charpy

    They are different process, so you can't convert as the equation answer would not be correct it would just be a number not a true reading.
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