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Thread: Depth and Tolerance

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    Depth and Tolerance

    I was given an interesting question today at work and was wondering what people had to say on it (and possibly if there is an ASME or ISO standard that could support up what is said).

    The Question:
    Does a depth call out follow the general tolerance (found in the tolerance block) or is it considered to be a minimum when applied to different features (threads using the depth symbol vs counter bores using the depth call out)

    Thanks in advance for any answers that come in.

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    In America... Unless Otherwise Specified, The Following Default Tolerances Apply.

    All features have a range of variation..
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    From the standard ASME Y14.5-2009, paragraph 2.5: "MIN or MAX is placed after a dimension where other elements of the design definitely determine the other unspecified limit. Features, such as the depth of holes, lengths of threads, corner radii, chamfers, etc., may be limited in this way."

    That clearly mentions thread length. They use the word "may" to imply that thread length may alternatively be toleranced directly, or otherwise you'd have to resort to the general title block tolerance.

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