I am enrolled on level 1 EEE at Brunel university, the option to change to ECE is available at the end of my first year. I am unsure of which one to go for.
Relevant information: At this point I feel I find ECE modules more interesting than EEE modules (This may change when things get heavier next year).

1. Although I find the modules more interesting my main worry is that I believe ECE prospects consist mainly of sitting in front of a computer, coding all day. I do not think I would enjoy this as a full time job.

2. I envision EEE prospects to include more time on my feet and possibly time away from the office when liaising with clients. I would prefer this.

3. I am very interested in programming android apps and websites in my spare time, which would go great on a CV with ECE. But I am concerned about point 1.

Anyone is welcome to comment with any kind of insights (directly related or slightly abstract both welcome), and any information to paint a better picture would be very well received, thanks .

Also if this kind of post is unwelcome, please can someone tell me some sites where I can ask this kind of question before deleting.