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Thread: Career help - next step after Bachelor in Chemistry?

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    Career help - next step after Bachelor in Chemistry?


    I see there have been several postings for career advice, and now I am here with questions as well.

    I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Chemistry - Biomolecular emphasis. This means I have biology, chemistry (without physical chemistry, second semester of analytical, and inorganic), but also took extra math classes so I have taken up to differential equations (but not calculus 3 yet). I have found my passion to be in the environmental field & my future goals are to work on improving ways to clean the oceans or work in an energy research and development sector. Throughout my previous degree, my passion turned towards math, and I had found that after 5 years I am still weak in knowledge when it comes to chemistry. Unfortunately, I have ended with a 2.795 overall GPA, and my GRE score is far from acceptable. I see that my next step is to re-take the GRE. But after this step, I am unsure.

    I have researched and asked some questions, and found out that I should be able to transfer right into a master's program of environmental engineering, but may have to take some courses to catch up. But, I have also seen that every college is different and don't know how much truth is in this statement. What do you advise to reach my end goal? Should I go back and get another Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering to raise my GPA? Should I double major in math to raise my GPA since I have more math classes than engineering? Should I just re-take my GRE as planned and search for master's degree's that will accept me? I am pretty sure I don't have that great of a chance to get into the environmental field with my current degree. I had seen I can get into water, soil, and air testing but that's as far as my abilities will take me.

    I would appreciate any advice as I think you all will have something to offer me with your education backgrounds. I have a feeling engineer's have way more favorable credentials than I have, but would like to find a way to make up for it.

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    Get a job at an environmental company that will pay for your schooling.

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    My degree is in chemistry and math, and a smaller emphasis on biology.

    I work at a pharmaceutical company as a validation engineer. The work is more engineering, but having am understanding of the chemistry/biology can be helpful in getting things in order. I stopped at a BS, so worth considering if you have some interest in it.

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