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Thread: Need Review for my idea

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    Lightbulb Need Review for my idea

    Hi Guys,
    I am stuck with a design problem. I need to design a constraint for a cylinder. Cylinder Sizes varies lengthwise and diameter wise. Here is a screen grab of my work. Need help in finding if there is a better and secure design for the same. Here I can adjust the design simply by changing the size of the aluminium tubes thereby accommodating various cylinder sizes. I also feel the urge to use strap to tighten the cylinder. Kindly think from a large scale manufacturing point of view. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    Go look at a wall mounted fire extinguisher bracket.
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    A good strap eliminates the need for the surrounding structure.

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    I would agree some kind of ratchet or cam-locking strap design, then its one-size fits all. Scuba tank straps come to mind.

    How big are the tanks and how often do they get changed?

    I suspect your current design would not constrain the tank in rotation very well, is that a concern?

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