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Thread: Hello fellow engineers, designers and inventors

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    Welcome Hello fellow engineers, designers and inventors

    Well by the subject line I guess you all know I am a newbie to your forum site. So here is the infamous " Hello All " just to cover anyone that reads this post.
    Some background I am from the Buffalo / Niagara Falls region. I was raised not in your average suburb more like 40 older homes in a pocket of industrialization. Behind our home was a huge Texaco Gas tank farm (now leveled). a few blocks in front was FMC chemical (which blew up in the 70's and moved our home off the foundation). But the worst offender was a huge coal fired power plant. The Huntley Power Station once owned by Niagara Mohawk power co and acquired by the British co. PRG. Who have now shut down the plant just a few months ago.
    So growing up I have seen the clean renewable power of The Niagara Falls Power Project and the non sustainable coal fired Huntley plant that was less than a hundred yards from where I once lived. At an early age I am in my fifties now I became interested in renewable power. Actually obsessed with it and though I appreciate all forms of renewable energy. Non really fit my mission. To provide renewable energy at a gigawatt output to the grid wherever needed. In places that other technologies just are not feasible. All your major renewables such as solar, wind and hydro need certain requirements to operate.
    I have been working on this for 15 - 20 years with hundreds of variations all finally coming together. But I am not an engineer which is why I have come here. To assemble a group of engineers and designers that can see past old excepted norms. No I do not believe in free power nor do I were a colander on my head. But the fuel that generates power in my designs can be found in any place in the world with a decent population.
    Well I have taken enough of your time. I hope I get to know some of you. Maybe we can make a difference....
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