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Thread: Steel grade for support arm

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    Confused Steel grade for support arm

    I am designing a new support arm for a bench to make the shelf stand higher. The current shelf uses 0.080" thick steel and I want to replicate this thickness, but I do not know what grade steel is used. Obviously I want to use something that is bendable and relativly cheap. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to Engineers Edge!

    See - looks like you have 14 gauge. I would guess that most grade of carbon steel should be fine - 1010, 1018, 1020 or higher number steel...

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    Welcome to the forum. I typically don't post direct links here (and I am sure if the moderators feel the need, they will remove the link), but here is a link to the AISI Thickness Tolerance Ranges for carbon steel sheets:

    Keep in mind, when sheetmetal is manufactured, variances in thickness may result from day to day and manufacturer to manufacturer. As your measured thickness of 0.080" is on the thick side of the 14 ga. range, depending on the intended use of the shelf, you may opt for 13 ga. My experience with 13 ga., however, is that there aren't too many steel companies who keep it in stock. :(


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    Some other options... just to run by you in case you might be able to consider...
    What about using what you alreay have and making a spacer to raise the shelf? Maybe have a look in McMaster Carr and see if there's already something out there off the shelf? (Humor... Get it... shelf...)
    Maybe a quick look at your local home hardware type store to see if they have something ready made on their shelves?

    Just a thought...

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