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Thread: Question: Title Block Default Tolerances

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    Question: Title Block Default Tolerances

    I am in the process of modifying our company's engineering drawing formats. For as long as I can tell, the default title block tolerances have been parameter driven which allowed the user to modify the default title block tolerance to suit their needs. It seems this would be confusing to machine shops as drawings coming from the same company would have different "default" tolerances.

    Is it common for these "default" tolerances to be dynamic, or should they be entered as text where they cannot be changed? Is there a standard that governs this. I have searched the web and standards and haven't found a governing standard.

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    The default tolerance should always be dynamic and at the discretion of the designer because it needs to suit the part being detailed. Any shop worth its salt will always check the default tolerance when quoting. If you have a shop getting confused, change shops ASAP, they're idiots.


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