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Thread: A rigger looking for help!

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    Confused A rigger looking for help!

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping you could help me with a formula to find what the lifted load would be when removing a boom and stick from an excavator in one piece? I have the COGs of both components and have calculated the combined COG, I have the measurements from the lift point to COG and fulcrum to COG.

    The formula I have been using is:

    X = X2 x Y2/Y1


    X = lifted load
    Y1 = distance from fulcrum to lift point
    Y2 = distance from COG to lift point
    X2 = total weight of object.

    I might be way off here and any help is appreciated. Just trying to get better.

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    Yes... that simple equation will help you to locate your lift point relative to the CG.
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    Thanks Kelly....

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    Usually, the excavator boom already has welded lifting hooks in place so you can lift the load in a balanced state.

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