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Thread: Building a motion capture puppet using accelerometer's over wifi?

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    Lightbulb Building a motion capture puppet using accelerometer's over wifi?


    I am a visual director (and one who has little knowledge about electrical engineering!) And I am working on a project where we want to Motion Capture a rod puppet for use in VR.

    The project is called Valraven and its a bleak nordic folk tale using VR.

    The idea is to build a 75 cm tall wooden dummy puppets (biped) with all limbs movable and manipulative via rods connected to the limbs in order to capture the unique way a rod puppet moves, then importing the animation data into Unity3D (game engine) to build the experience.

    I have looked around for off-the-shelf systems like REMOVED (link removed) but due to this being a personal project with a very small budget (as always.. sigh!) I was wonder if its possible to build my own and trying to see how difficult vs how expensive it would be.

    The ideal solution would be a a 16 (ish) 3 axis (xyz) accelerometer setup that can capture and send the data over wifi and talk to Autodesk Motion Builder (one accelerometer for each / foot/leg/upper leg/pelvis/torso/head/upper arm/lower arm/ hand)

    in theory the pipeline would be

    puppets -> 3 axis accelerometer -> wifi / router -> data - > Motion builder capture and animation clean up -> Export -> Unity3D import

    I wonder if anyone has seen or tried to build something like this? Or could point me in the right direction.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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