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Thread: Recommendations for "Best" CAD Software Spline Control

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    Recommendations for "Best" CAD Software Spline Control


    I am looking for recommendations for the "best" CAD software for working with 2D splines. Our application requires multiple offset splines in a fairly complex configuration. We'd also like to be able to change the endpoints of the splines slightly while keeping the general shape of the spline consistent.

    We have been using Solidworks for our purposes, but I've found that the sketch tends to blow up when too many offsets or tangency constraints at endpoints are added. Often this results in having to delete all constraints including offset constraints on the splines because sometimes even undoing the last addition doesn't fix the problem. This further becomes an issue when any of the endpoints are moved.

    Does any one have any recommendations on alternative software that we could try that may have better spline control, or perhaps some recommendations on what to try in order to make it work better in SolidWorks? Thanks!

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    Solidworks should be good.. Look at how your constraining the profile -there are likely weak relationships....

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