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Thread: Positional Tolerance for Hexagonal Features

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    Positional Tolerance for Hexagonal Features

    I have a conveyor bearing with an injection molded housing that I am trying to set onto an axle that protudes through a tube and is affixed in its center. The bearing has a hex hole (ID) with a larger hex boss (OD) that share the same center. What callout should I use to control the hex features position to one another on the bearing drawing?

    The outer hex boss (OD) is being used to grab and slip the hex hole (ID) on to a hex shaft that is centered in a tube (conveyor roller).

    Should I control the two features via TIR to OD of the housing?

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    Not sure how you would do TIR of a hex shape. But if you're thinking GD&T, my first inkling would be profile of a surface.

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