Hello, I'm am almost finished with my undergrad in biology and am planning on pursuing a Master's degree (preferably in Europe). Originally I was going to get a MSc in oceanography, marine science, limnology, water resources, or something similar. But I learned that environmental engineers make more money. I want to work in an environmental field dealing with water problems, either ecological or water quality. The problem is that I want to find a balance between doing what I enjoy (field work) and making decent money (50k/yr+). I don't want to make 100k/yr and hate my job but I also don't want to work in a field I love and barely make a livable wage. Can I focus on water problems, marine or freshwater, with an environmental engineering degree? I don't really want to be working with wastewater treatment. Does it matter if I get a degree in Europe (e.g. Germany, Austria, Belgium, etc.)? Is there a balance between field work and office work with an environmental engineering degree, or is it almost all office work? Do offshore oil companies hire environmental engineers? Also, are there jobs that combine scuba diving and environmental work that pays well? Thank you very much for all of your help!