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Thread: Mini-putt course

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    Mini-putt course

    I'm in the process of building a mini-putt course out of lumber but decided I'd like to use aluminum square tubes for the base instead of 2x2 lumber. How I built the one out of lumber is two 8 foot 2x2 on sides and 10 crossers about 10.5" apart. And each corner of the crossers have corner wedged support. I want a do the aluminum base similar to that.

    This base will be have adjustable legs for uneven ground and floors. So height off the ground be around 1".

    What size of aluminum tubing would be required to support weight of 1-2 people standing on it at one time? The course is 30"x96". The base I want aluminum but the walls and platform I'm putting lumber.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm intrigued... care to show a drawing of what you're talking about?

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