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Thread: Help me - What is this?

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    Help me - What is this?

    Hi all
    I'm a second year mechatronics student in South Africa.
    I'm currently doing vacation training and need a little help identifying a device.

    Rough dimensions:
    Height: 30 - 50mm (adjustable)
    Width: 120mm
    Length: 170mm (fully extended vertically)

    It uses a bolt (approx M10) which is tightened to pull the middle wedge between the two outer wedge, hence increasing it's thickness.
    4 are used, one at each corner of a piece of machinery. They allow for accurate leveling of the equipment and are extremely sturdy.

    I cannot seem to attach the picture - I'll keep trying

    Does anyone have an idea of the device's real name??

    Thank you

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    Machinery leveling pads or mounts. The type you are talking about are made by several different manufacturers and usually called "wedge mounts or wedgemounts."

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    Hi Roscoe,

    As RW says for the wedges.

    The pic you are trying to attach may be too big. In the "Attach" section check the allowable files sizes then crop or resize the pic to fit and then attach. I find I have to use the "Old Uploader" as the new Java one does not seem to work for me.

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