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Thread: Dynamic problem building an RC robot

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    Confused Dynamic problem building an RC robot

    We are building a 4 motor driven, with the middle wheels being idle for support. The parameters known are :
    Mass= 50 kgs
    Theta (Angle ) = 60 degree
    Acceleration = 0.254 m/s^2
    Assuming coefficient of kinetic friction = 0.6

    I am attaching the work I have done and where I get stuck.
    I am having trouble calculating the normal forces (N) and frictional force so if someone could help me or tell me what am I missing in the free body diagram or the calculation it would be of great help. I am getting a negative value of N2 which doesn't seem correct. Either way if someone could check and confirm my calculation.
    I need to solve this so we can choose a motor for our vehicle, so involves calculation of torque which also I have included.

    Thank you very so much.
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    Looks like physics homework to me...

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