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Thread: Hydraulic cylinder question

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    Hydraulic cylinder question

    Hello !
    I am working on a project with to antagonistic hydraulic cylinders. They both have two brackets with two screws each, i.e 8 screws in total.

    how do I calculate the load(forces) that will affect the screws once the cylinders are moving?
    I also added an image to make it easier for you guys to understand.

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    Are you saying you don't know how to calculate the force generated by a hydraulic cylinder? Or is your question something else?

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    Assuming there are four "all-thread" studs located equally-ish spaced the shear force applied to each stud would be (Force applied by cylinder max)/4 in a perfect world.

    For hydraulic cylinder force calculations, see:

    For the single and double shear force/stress applied to each stud see:

    The "all-thread" studs are not meant for large shear loading, you should consider a bolt or stud where the loading is applied to a bolt grip area.

    "all-thread" studs are best used for compression and tension loading

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