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Thread: Manufacturing options for piece attached

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    Manufacturing options for piece attached

    Hi all,

    Coming outside of engineering, I'm looking for advice on my options to get something like this manufactured:

    The sizes are not final, and can be adjusted to what's feasible.
    That being said, the sample in the picture is 4"x2.5", its thickness is 0.05125" (1/32" opening + 2x0.01" walls), the holes are 1" wide and go 2.375" deep.

    The "card" is a pocket holder: one would put things in it, and carry it around in his/her pocket or bag.

    I'm interested in the options to get this done both in plastic or metal.

    The prototype I have is made from laser cut plastic sheets glued together, but I don't believe that that process would scale well.
    Also, I have no clue, if this layering is possible for metals.

    Any feedback or pointers are welcome.

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    Since your description is not so clearly, I will try to give some opinion for metal:
    1) this part can be produced by stamping process or deep drawn process as metal.
    2) Or can be produced by electrical etching process;
    According to the quantity when mass production.

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    Your package design does not look very efficient in that there is over twice the area of package as there are contents. Can you stack the contents in an attractive side by side leather pouch that is three layers thick. Relying on the flexibility of the leather to hold your contents.

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