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Thread: Need to find solution to slow downfall

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    Need to find solution to slow downfall

    I have a product that composed of two main parts:
    main body and moving box that connect with sliders to main box,
    it moves up and locked in upper position with plunger.
    The problem is the free fall of moving box from upper position [200mm].
    I need to find a solution to slow the fall to avoid slam.
    It can't be something with electrical motion, only mechanical linear motion.
    The moving box weight is 1.8 Kg.
    I try some cylinders/springs/dumper without any luck.

    If anyone have an idea please share with me
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    Have you tried a counterweight? I am confident that some configuration of dampers would also work. Do you understand the mechanics of the items you have tried well enough to explain why they did not work? Have you contacted some damper manufacturers? I also think an arrangement of constant-force springs might work well.

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    Considering the low weight of the sliding box, a couple of bow springs between the box guide and the rails to provide friction to resist the weight might be a simple solution.

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    Thank you for your suggestions,

    Damper can work of course, the problem is that it work only at the last 10-20 mm,
    I need something that start to restrain at list at 1/3 of the last travel distance.

    The problem with springs (I try tension) that they better to hold it up, In the opposite it's very hard to configure, it's first slams and then pulled up.

    I try also air pistons, that work great ,but the stroke I need [200mm] didn't fit product dimensions (I try with 150 stroke).

    I didn't try constant-force springs, maybe It can work,
    Counterweight is something I thought about ,but I have small amount of space between the moving box to the back cover [20mm].

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