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Thread: Hole and Peg tolerance

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    Hole and Peg tolerance

    I am designing a simple sheet of aluminum that has multiple holes 0.5’’ deep in CATIA. After it is machined, the goal is to insert steel pegs of diameter 1/8’’ in these holes, and I don’t want it to wiggle around very much.
    According to the ANSI standard for sliding fits, my desired tolerance of RC2 (just picked the one I thought would be best) says that my max tolerance can be 0.0003’’. That renders 0.125’’ + 0.0003.
    The peg I would like to use is 0.125’’ +/- 0.0005’’.
    Now, the maximum diameter of the peg can be 0.1255 which is greater than the max the hole can be ie. 0.1253… So clearly I cannot go that route. Can I have some advice as to how to approach this issue? I just want to know how much clearance I should have between the hole and the peg to have a good fit but not also be too small so that I can’t insert it myself.

    As you can probably tell, I am new to tolerances. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    Let's backup a little... You want a fit that "I don’t want it to wiggle around very much.".

    What is the function of this installation ? Convince yourself and me that you actually need a RC2..
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