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Thread: Plastic Tubing (2.375x2.125)-where to find

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    Plastic Tubing (2.375x2.125)-where to find

    I need to find plastic tubing(rigid) with the above dimensions various materials. 2.375(.125wall). The only one I've found so far is acrylic.
    In particular PVC, HDPE, Nylon is what I'm looking . Anyone know anybody that supplies any of these materials at the following dimensions.


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    The standard size in that ballpark would be 2" Schedule 40 pipe and can be found pretty much anywhere. Thing is... it is 2-3/8 x .154 wall...
    You're looking for tubing dimensions for materials that are much more readily purchased in pipe sizes. McMasterr Carr has several different materials available in pipe size and also tubes that you could possibly machine to your dimensions? Also... If you need enough of it you can have pretty much anything made.

    Good Luck,

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    What is the pipe used for?

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