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Thread: Pressure build up in a pipe system

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    Pressure build up in a pipe system

    Ok, having a bit of trouble here. there seems to be a gremlin in a system at work that is causing a pressure build up but we cannot find the cause.

    in essence, the system is run off a huge vertical storage vessel, the solvent is pumped out via a pump at approximately 40psig. This then feeds two dispensing guns, 4 large mixers, 5 washers and a dispensing room with three outlets. The pump is only activated when a dispensing point is operational, and stops as soon as operations cease. The issue at hand is that there is a large pressure build up, intermittently, of up 150psig. Enough so that it can blow through a dispensing guns trigger operation.

    Im looking for any help or ideas at what could cause such a build up within this kind of system and to this magnitude. Any ideas are welcome and happy to explain further details if you need more information.



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    A system schematic would be helpful.

    Is there a pressure regulator that controls the pump?
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    Agree. A schematic would be helpful. But more importantly, considering the significant potential for damage or human injury, I would strongly recommend installation of one or more pressure relief valves as soon as possible! Maybe they could feed to an overflow tank. Then ... look for the cause of the over pressure.

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