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Thread: Forced Vibration with Eccentric Mass Shaker

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    Forced Vibration with Eccentric Mass Shaker


    I am working on a uni project into the design of a helicopter simulator. I have been tasked with the vibrations caused by the helicopter (mainly the rotor vibrations). I have data taken from an accelerometer that gives results of the 0.1-0.15g for the acceleration within the fuselage.

    I am now trying to recreate that vibration on both a small scaled model and actual size however I'm struggling to ensure that the shaker I use is applicable and will be able to create the desired vibration. I understand that eccentric mass isn't ideal and wont be able to produce the exact vibration however it is the cheapest option.

    I have the dimensions of the helicopter, the weight, the acceleration and the frequency of the vibrations.

    Would any one be able to assist with this.

    Apologies if this is posted under the wrong section.

    Many thanks

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    Below site might be a starting point for you

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